Analysis-based advice and advocacy for businesses and individuals

The Law Office of James M. Dunn is a boutique law firm in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, that represents businesses and individuals who want to prevail in, or avoid,  employment, commercial, and other legal disputes.  

Attorney Dunn combines cutting-edge legal analysis with over two decades of experience in large and mid-sized firms in Philadelphia and greater Boston.

Our approach?  Analyze your situation based on experience and research, advise you of your options, and then advocate for you.  You learn your options so you can choose the most effective and efficient way of achieving your legal goals.  Sometimes that involves drafting a document to  avoid future disputes, sometimes pointing out to others the strengths of your position and the weakness of theirs, and sometimes it involves vigorous advocacy in the courts.  Always, it involves you being fully aware of your options so you stay in control.

Law Office of James M. Dunn, P.C.

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